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We have been growing herbs, perennials and alpine plants in Montgomeryshire – Powys Paradwys Cymru – since 1988.

We cultivate a variety of herbaceous perennials, most of . which prefer a reasonably sunny and well-drained position.

Plants are usually available in 9cm and one litre pots, and are grown in sustainable compost with controlled release fertiliser.

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We are members of the National Botanic Garden of Wales’s assurance scheme, plants labelled with the pollinator logo are:

  • proven to support pollinators by the Botanic Garden’s research scientists
  • grown without the use of synthetic insecticides and peat compost

image: NBGW


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    Plants available (some in small numbers) May 2021

    Genusspeciesother namedescription

    AcaenainermisPurpureaProstrate purple leaves and white burrs.
    AchilleamillifoliumCassisCherry-red flattened flower heads loved by bees. Late summer 60cm good drainage.
    AegopodiumpodagrariaVariegatumVariegated ground elder; pretty but determined.
    AjugareptansEvening GlowA bugle with very dark crinkly leaves
    AjugareptansCatlin’s GiantA bugle on steroids.
    AlliumhollandicumPurple SensationEarly summer spherical flower heads of deep violet held above the foliage. Good cut flower. 
    Alliumjesdianumpurple rainlarge open starry flower heads after the leaves and flowering later than a. purple sensation.
    Garlic chives, flat garlicky leaf, ornamental white flowers late in the year.
    AlliumschoenoprasumGrolauPurple flower heads are also edible.
    (Strongly) lemon scented verbena, over-winter under glass.
    Pale pink flowers, primula family, sun and good drainage.
    Bronze foliage and pinkish red flowers look good swaying in the breeze H4
    Angelica archangelica 
    Short lived impressively large perennial with globular flower heads in second year, or crystallise stems for cake decoration.
    Anthemispunctatasubsp. cupanianaSilver green lacy foliage, large but compact white /yellow daisy flowers, dwarf and indispensable
    Vigorous spreading evergreen, grey leaved prostrate perennial, saucer shaped white flowers (quite large for an Arenaria) in generous numbers, early summer. Full sun and sharp drainage.
    ArmeriajuniperifoliaBevan’s VarietyCompact thrift.
    ArtemisiadracunculusFrench Tarragon
    Pinnate bronze green fronds, prostrate habit.
    BrunneramacrophyllaAlexander’s GreatImpressively wide-spreading brunnera, strikingly patterned silvery leaves
    Buxussempervirens SuffruticosaDwarf edging box, neat bright green foliage.
    BuxussempervirensElegantissimaHandsome variegated box with small cream green leaves and dense habit.
    BuxussempervirensRotundifoliaRobust drought tolerant evergreen with large dark green rounded foliage,
    CampanulagarganicaMrs ResholtIntense violet (Plant of the year at Chelsea 2012?)
    Lilac starry flowers, creeping and spreading, good for dry banks.
    CampanulaposcharskyanaE H FrostRobust creeping perennial silver blue flowers, good for dry banks.
    Late blue flowered ground cover, autumn leaf tints.
    Chamaemelumnobile TreneagueThe best type for chamomile lawns – no flowers
    ChamaenerionangustifoliumStahl RoseBeautiful soft pink flowers contrast with darker pink buds midsummer. This is a form of willowherb so place it with care!
    PiiluEarly season, light pink with darker stripes and cream boss, semi double, second single flowering often 
    NiobeDark velvety red.
    Cordyline australisPurpurea
    Yellow green fern like foliage turning bronze in autumn, yellow vetch like flowers.
    Dark foliage and bright blue flowers in spring and autumn.
    Artichoke Violette de PPurple globe artichoke. Good flavour, especially if eaten young.
    Candy Floss [pbr]Described by its breeder as sugar pink with a subtle rose-pink eye. Strong grower with beautiful scent.
    DicentraformosaLangtreesLow divided, grey foliage sprouts from fleshy rhizomes, white tubular flowers tinted pink.
    Red croziers turn into glowing bronze foliage, irresistible.
    EchinaceapurpureaMagnusIntense red, wide horizontal petals 100 cm. Long lasting cut flower
    Erodium x variabileRoseumA miniature ‘geranium’ with semi evergreen lobed and pink, veined flowers, useful in gravel gardens or between paving. Sun although perhaps more tolerant of a little shade than other erodiums. Essential to avoid poorly drained or very acid  soil..
    Eurybia (Aster)divaricata
    Wiry black stems contrast with clouds of small pink tinged daisies. (Gertrude Jekyll ;The wire-stemmed aster)
    Interesting grey divided foliage topped by long stemmed yellow daisies. 1 metre height. Frost-tender.
    FicuscaricaBrown TurkeyReliable fig cultivar.
    Foeniculumvulgare  PurpureumBronze fennel. Tall perennial with finely divided  aniseed flavoured bronze foliage an flat umbels of yellow flowers.
    FragariavescaAlexandriaFragrant fruits, fairly long (for an alpine strawberry)
    A larger snowdrop with good scent if you can reach down to it.
    Geraniummacrorrhizum AlbumFleshy rhizomes and leaves- strongly aromatic. White flowers.
    GeraniumsanguineumCedric MorrisA bloody cranesbill bigger in all its parts.
    Geraniumx magnificum
    Purple rounded flowers
    Glyceriamaximavar. VariegataEnthusiastic variegated grass. Tolerates dry soil, romps in wet.
    SunburstClump forming but not tall, radiant colour.
    HederahelixCoeur d’or
    HesperanthacoccineaMajorSilky cup-shaped blooms September, grassy foliage, happy in damp soils.
    HesperanthacoccineaSunriseSilky cup-shaped blooms September, grassy foliage, happy in damp soils.
    Black pearlJet black leaves with scalloped edges, foamy white flowers, irresistable!
    JasminumhumileRevolutumSummer flowering evergreen jasmine, delicate (scented if in a warm position) yellow flowers on a 2 m high and wide plant.

    White Nancy

    Sweet bay, aromatic, useful and ornamental, clip of grow freely, yellow flowers winter.
    LavandulaangustifoliaHidcote Dwarf habit, silvery foliage,violet flowers.
    Lavandulax intermediaGrey Hedge
    LinariadomaniCarnforthSmall mauve snapdragon flowers with surprisingly strong scent, mildly spreading.
    LithodoradiffusaHeavenly BlueDark green foliage and bright blue flowers, prostrate, dislikes chalk.
    LobeliacardinalisQueen VictoriaLate summer scarlet flowers for damp places
    A willowy myrtle, small dark rounded leaves contrasting will with the stems. Looks good in a terracotta pot. Impressive bark on older specimens.
    Corfu Blue
    Welsh poppy, flat yellow (occasionally orange) flowers  tolerant of shade and competition from grass.
    Balm, cut regularly for brightest foliage.
    MelissaofficinalisAll GoldBalm
    MenthapiperataBlack Pepermint
    Corsican Mint. Prostrate, tiny leaves and flowers. Pungent The most diminutive member of the mint family often mistaken for Mind Your Own Business. The tiny leaves are bright green and small blue flowers appear in midsummer. It certainly has a strong minty smell, whether you would want to have it with lamb is another matter. Moist-ish soil and partial shade are suitable but you need to be prepared for it to choose it’s own favourite location.
    MenthaspicataBrundall mintA finely flavoured form of spearmint
    Menthaspicataspear mintSpearmint
    MenthaspicataTashkentGood spearmint flavour, attractive crinkly leaves white flowers. Reputed to be disease-resistant. Taller than the similar ‘moroccan mint’
    Menthax villosavar. alopecuroides(Bowles’ mint)
    Sweet Cicely. Handsome, finely divided and sweet aniseed flavour.
    Myrtuscommunisvar tarentinaSmaller narrow leaves. Creamy white flowers like miniature roses.
    NarcissuscyclamineusTete a TeteCompact. double headed, reliable and tough, mid April
    Pot marjoram, good flavour, white flower heads
    County cream
    Dwarf evergreen ground cover, whorls of bright green  leaves and white terminal flower heads.

    Andenken an Friedrich HahnDark, narrow leaves, slim, garnet red flowers.
    BeautyCal ‘Bordeaux’ (P) A smart trailing ‘petunia’ with wine-red flowers. Not sticky and weather resistant/
    PhloxpaniculataFlame White Eye
    Phlox divaricata laphamiiChattahoocheeDark foliage, blue flowers with crimson centres, partial shade neutral to acid soil. Choice but choosy.
    Phlox glaberrimaBill BakerSomewhat lax habit to 0.5m Lance shaped leaves and clustered, scented bright pink flowers early summer, good for fromt of borders.
    Yellow Wave
    Little Heath
    PolemoniumcaeruleumAlbumWhite form of Jacob’s Ladder
    Oxlip, primrose sized  flowers  on cowslip like heads.
    Pulmonariaangustifolia   Bright blue flowered lungwort.
    Finely divided foliage, nodding bell shaped mauve flowers in spring. The Pasque flower of chalk downland.
    RanunculusficariaBrazen HusseyBronze leaved lesser celandine.
    RosmarinusofficinalisMiss Jessopp’s UprightThe usual pale blue flowers and dark leaves, with a tighter habit.
    Rosmarinusofficinalis Rosemary
    Rosmarinusofficinalis Boule
    SalviaofficinalisIcterinaVariegated gold and green, less vigorous than the purple cultivar.

    SalviaofficinalisPurpurescensSage with purple red leaves. purple flowers.
    Soapwort, stems and especially roots produce a mild detergent.
    Small glossy leaved shrub with heavily scented white flowers in winter, black berries.
    Saxifragapaniculataminutifolia/brevifolia?Creamy flowers, diminutive.
    Star shaped violet blue flowers like a superior grape hyacinth but later.
    Tiny foliage like clumps of miniature grey beads.
    SedumspathulifoliumCape BlancoGrey succulent foliage with red tints makes an excellent mat for a sunny spot with good drainage. The rather surprisingly yellow flowers can be cut off if you prefer things subtle but they are attractive for insects.
    Sedumspurium Ruby MantleDark red-green foliage and flowers
    Cobweb houseleek
    Fine leaved deciduous grass with silvery panicles, delightful swaying in a soft breeze.
    TanacetumpartheniumRowallanedouble feverfew; aromatic woody perennial with double white button-like flowers; 35cm high. Not White Bonnet see Jackson email
    TanacetumpartheniumAureumGolden feverfew, modestly cheerful.
    Long white square stems, grey green opposite leaves, mauve flowers.
    Camphor thyme, arrow shaped leaves.
    Caraway thyme
    ThymuspulegioidesBertram AndersonCompact habit, forms mats of reliably bright foliage. Mauve flowers Mild, slightly lemony flavour
    ThymusserpyllumSnow Carpet

    ThymusvulgarisEnglish winterNeat form of common thyme.
    Thymus serpyllum GoldstreamGood ground cover, green splashed yellow, purple flowers.
    Thymus vulgarisFredo
    Thymus x citriodoraSilver Queen

    TrifoliumrepensDragon’s Blood
    ValerianaphuAureaUmbellifer with luminous yellow new leaves.
    Tall, rigid habit, numerous purple flower heads.
    VeronicaprostrataSpode BlueSpode Blue’ is a prostrate perennial 10cm tall, forming a mat of narrow, semi-evergreen leaves and erect racemes of small blue flowers in early summer
    VincaminorAzurea Flore PlenoSemi-double blue lesser periwinkle
    Low growing spreading perennial, mauve scented flowers have strap-like petals

    ViolaodorataQueen CharlotteOriginating in Germany at the turn of the last century, this cultivar is equally scented but holds the flowers more upright.      
    Irish MollyElectric gold yellow and brown flowers
    Waldsteiniaternata Yellow flowered ground cover.
    Multiple clumps of pointed leaves – not too sharp, large flowers spikes.