Plants for delivery Week 17

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Acaena inermis purpura£1.95
Prostrate ground cover with little beige burrs.Aeonium Zwartkop£3.50
Exotic red/black foliage – just need to work out where to put it in winterAnethum graveolens£1.75
Dill, good for so much more than gravlax.Anthemis cupaniana£4.25
The best silver daisy for edges (and rabbits).Arenaria montana£2.25
A tidy alpine. White flat-faced flowers.Artemisia schmidtiana£3.25
Prostrate filigree silver foliage, don’t let it hear the phrase ‘poor drainage’.Aster laterifolius horizontalis£2.75
Masses of lawn daisies held at right angles to the stem.Campanula poscharskyana£3.25
Common, but if you have a dry sunny spot, it does the job.Caryopteris Kew Blue£2.50
Compact and late and dark blue and whiskery. Insects love it.Ceanothus thrysiflorus repens£2.50
A ceanothus that isn’t upright, good for disguising sunny inspection covers. (A manhole cover for pre-decimal readers)Dianthus Whatfield Cancan£1.95
Soft pink, frilly and fragrant. No wonder it has an Award of Garden Merit!Dicentra Langtrees£2.25
Smart silver foliage and white flowers.  Another AGM plant.Eurybia (Aster) divaricata£2.75
More tiny white flowers contrasting with black stems. Can be a bit lax but useful for scrambling up through a boring old hebe.Geranium Kasmir Purple£2.95
Violet flowers  with darker veins, worth a closer look. Hey, nice leaf!Hesperantha coccinea Major£1.75
Indispensable for late summer, good red satiny flowers. Schizostylis, it was.Heuchera Black Pearl£2.95
So dark, luscious! Watch out for vine weevil, they adore it as well.Lactuca Lollo Rosso£2.95
Lettuce, yes.Lavandula Grey Hedge£1.95
Biggish, good  for…..Lavandula Hidcote£1.95
Dwarf and violet, AGM well deserved.Lavandula stoechas£3.75
The French kind.Leucanthumum Angel£3.95
Smart shasta daisy.Lippia citriodora£1.50
Lemon scented verbena, intoxicating but not keen on winter outdoors.Lithodora Heavenly Blue£1.25
As long as you don’t have chalky soil, what’s not to like?Lobelia Queen Victoria£1.75
Red Red Red and likes moist soils, if you live in a very cold spot, maybe scoot on.Lunaria Corfu Blue 2£3.25
Ordinary honesty (biennial) but what a colour!Lunaria rediviva£3.50
Perennial honesty, a good gift for a plantsperson.Menta spicata Tashkent£1.95
Crinkly spearmintMenta x piperata£1.75
PeppermintMentha gracilis Ginger £1.95
What could this smell of? Nice variegated foliage.Mentha requienii£1.75
Creeping, culinary use possibly only for those with jaded palettes.Mentha spicata Moroccan£1.95
Like Tashkent, crinkly flavoursome and disease resistant.Mentha spicata£1.75
Spearmint, a tasty form.Mentha spicata Crispa£1.75
Well, it’s interesting and frilly and actually quite pretty, but it might make you think more of cat than lamb.Nepeta racemosa Felix£2.25
Catmint, they either do or they don’t.Origanum Acorn Bank£1.95
Ornamental pointy yellow leaves and aromatic.Origanum County Cream£1.95
Variegated and hardier than it looks.Penstemon Hidcote Pink £3.50
AGM (The RHS says ‘Yes’) Flowers have darker veins.Penstemon White Bedder£2.95
And this one – an AGM too! A good, untinted white.Petroselinum French£1.75
Hate to admit it, but more vigour and a better flavourPhaseolus French Cobra£2.75
Climbing French Beans, why would anyone want to grow runners?Phlox Chattahoochee£2.50
Fussy but rewarding.Cheery blue flowers with a pink centre. Bit of shade, bit of moisture, bit of absence of waterlogging?Pieris Little Heath£2.75
Dwarf variegated Pieris, a good tenant for a terracotta pot. If rhododendrons thrive, so will she.Rosmarinus Blue Rain£1.75
Very prostrate.Rosmarinus Prostratus Group£2.25
Just ordinarily prostrate.Salvia Purpurescens£1.25
Purple sage, useful and ornamental.Sedum Cape Blanco£2.25
Cracking silver succulent foliage, some people like the yellow flowers, but you can cut them off.Teucrium fruticans£4.50
Blue flowered silver leaved, white stemmed shrub. Grows well on a sunny house wall at 600 feet but the open garden is a step too far.Thymus camphoratus£1.25
Camphor thyme, nice leaf, sagittate would you call it?

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