Comb through our cornucopia Week 22/20

This week’s cornucopia of herbs & perennials w22/20 25th May 2020
delivered to meifod machynlleth & aberdyfi
also soft fruit
cut flowers, woodland products & sustainable compost

AcaenainermisPurpureaGood ground cover, white flowers contrast with purple foliage
AcaenamicrophyllaRed burrs in late summer
AlliumtuberosumGarlic chives, flat garlicky leaf, ornamental white flowers late in the year.
Alliumschoenoprasumchives Purple flower heads are also edible.
Aloysiacitriodora(Strongly) lemon scented verbena, over-winter under glass.
AnemanthelelessonianaBronze foliage, especially in autumn, fine panicles of red (ish) flowers.
Angelica archangelica Short lived impressively large perennial with globular flower heads in second year, or crystallise stems for cake decoration.
AnthemistinctoriaLemon IceCreamy yellow daisy flowers, with glorious yellow eyes, attract numerous pollinators such as bees and hoverflies. The foliage is slightly aromatic as you would expect from the Chamomile family, green and finely dissected.
Anthemispunctatasubsp. cupanianaSilver green lacy foliage, large but compact white /yellow daisy flowers, dwarf and indispensable
AnthriscussylvestrisRavenswingPurple brown foliage, heads of tiny white flowers with pink bracts. 1 m
ArenariamontanaVigorous spreading evergreen, grey leaved prostrate perennial, saucer shaped white flowers (quite large for an Arenaria) in generous numbers, early summer. Full sun and sharp drainage.
ArtemisiadracunculusFrench TarragonMildly creeping stems, richly aniseed flavoured leaves. Not as hardy as Russian tarragon but infinitely superior flavour.
ArtemisiaschmidtianaEnchanting silver creeping foliage, full sun and good drainage.
BrachyelytrumjaponicumTall perennial grass with open panicles and ‘v’ shaped spikelets.
BuxussempervirensRotundifoliaRobust drought tolerant evergreen with large dark green rounded foliage,
Buxussempervirens SuffruticosaDwarf edging box, neat bright green foliage.
CampanulagarganicaMrs ResholtIntense violet (Plant of the year at Chelsea 2012?)
CampanulaportenschlagianaLilac thimble shaped flowers, lobed foliage, creeping habit. 
CampanulaposcharskyanaE H FrostRobust creeping perennial silver blue flowers, good for dry banks.
CampanulaposcharskyanaLilac starry flowers, creeping and spreading, good for dry banks.
CampanulaBlue BabyBlue bell shaped flowers, prostrate habit.
CaryopterisKew BlueErect, compact, dark flowers and fruit.
Ceanothusthrysiflorus  var. repensEvergreen, blue flowers wide spreading dense shrub.
ChamaenerionangustifoliumStahl RoseA bit of a racer but delightful pale pink flowers.
CorydalisflexuosaDark foliage and bright blue flowers in spring and autumn.
CynaraArtichoke Violette de Provence
DianthusInshriach DazzlerBright pink with darker eye, prostrate and fragrant (cloves)
DianthusWhatfield CancanSoft full pink scented flowers
DianthusLa BourbouleRose-pink fragrant
DicentraformosaA ground-cover version of love lies bleeding.
DicentraLangtreesLow divided, grey foliage sprouts from fleshy rhizomes, white tubular flowers tinted pink.
DryopteriserythrosoraA well bred fern with both the new and the old foliage taking on shining bronze tints.
EchinaceapurpureaMagnusIntense red, wide horizontal petals 100 cm. Long lasting cut flower
Eurybia (Aster)divaricataWiry black stems contrast with clouds of small pink tinged daisies. (Gertrude Jekyll ;The wire-stemmed aster)
FragariavescaAlpine strawberry/ wild strawberry, small fragrant fruit throughout the summer.
GeraniumclarkiiKashmir PurpleFinely divided leaves, narrow purple petals with contrasting veins.
GeraniumRozanneVigorous and floriferous, violet, white centred, purple veined saucer shaped flowers from Summer  to Autumn looks fabulous in a container.
GeraniumsanguineumCedric MorrisA sanguinium type (taller) with the same luminous magenta flowrs.
GeraniumsylvaticumMayflowerA good geranium for dappled shade, also look for sylvaticum  Album and Amy Doncaster.
GeraniumBrooksideBlue with a white eye.
Geraniummacrorrhizum AlbumFleshy rhizomes and leaves- strongly aromatic. White flowers.
HeberecurvaGrey pointed leaves, dark stems, neat black and white flower buds open white.
HederahelixCoeur d’orCentral yellow variegation, great workhorse for shady walls.
HemerocallislilioasphodelusSweetly scented yellow day lily. “The flowers are a beautiful lily shape, with recurving petals of clear and lovely yellow, and have an unforgettable fragrance” GST
HesperanthacoccineaMajorSilky cup-shaped blooms September, grassy foliage, happy in damp soils.
Hesperanthacoccinea(Pink)Silky cup-shaped blooms September, grassy foliage, happy in damp soils.
HeucheraBlack pearlJet black leaves with scalloped edges, foamy white flowers, irresistable!
HyssopusofficinalisaristatusHyssop. Evergreen aromatic.
IrisfoetidissimaEvergreen lance shaped leaves, curious blue yellow flowers followed by sealing wax berries. Odd small but very tolerant of dry shade.
JasminumhumileRevolutumSummer flowering evergreen jasmine, delicate (scented if in a warm position) yellow flowers on a 2 m high and wide plant.
LavandulaangustifoliaHidcote Dwarf habit, silvery foliage,violet flowers.
LavandulaangustifoliaNana AlbaPale white flowers dwarf
LigulariaprzewalskiiTall yellow spikes contrast well with dark stems, revels in damp soil.
LithodoradiffusaHeavenly BlueDark green foliage and bright blue flowers, prostrate, dislikes chalk.
LobeliacardinalisQueen VictoriaLate summer scarlet flowers for damp places
Luma (Myrtus)apiculataA myrtle with rounder leaves and a fairly flexible habit, handy if you like a bit of plant sculpting.
Lunariarediviva Perennial honesty, elongated transparent seed cases follow purple flowers.
MeconopsiscambricaWelsh poppy, flat yellow (occasionally orange) flowers  tolerant of shade and competition from grass.
MentharequieniiCorsican Mint. Prostrate, tiny leaves and flowers. Pungent
MenthaspicataBrundall mintA finely flavoured form of spearmint
Menthaspicataspear mintSpearmint
Menthax gracilisVariegataGinger mint
Menthaspicatavar. crispaWavy leaved spearmint.
Myrtuscommunissubsp. tarentinaCompact narrow leaved myrtle, neat habit
NephrolepisexaltataBostonElegant cascading housefern. Minimum temperature 10 deg C (that’s plus 10 not minus 10)
OcimumbasilicumOpalRed basil
OcimumbasilicumBritishSupposedly hardier
OcimumbasilicumNufarFI hybrid sweet basil.
OriganumvulgareAcorn BankYellow elongated leaved marjoram.
OriganumvulgareAureum  Golden marjoram, glowing leaf rosettes in winter in cut back.
OriganumvulgaregreekStrongly flavoured marjoram.
OriganumCounty creamCream variegations.
PachysandraterminalisDwarf evergreen ground cover, whorls of bright green  leaves and white terminal flower heads.
PenstemonHidcote PinkPink flowers with white striped throat.
PenstemonWhite BedderCompact habit, pure white flowers.
PenstemonAndenken an Friedrich HahnDark, narrow leaves, slim, garnet red flowers.
PetroselinumPlain leavedFrench parsley
PhlomisrusselianaBold felted leaves , whorls of yellow hooded flowers , and long lasting seed heads.
Phlox glaberrimaBill BakerSomewhat lax habit to 0.5m Lance shaped leaves and clustered, scented bright pink flowers early summer, good for fromt of borders.
Phlox divaricata laphamiiChattahoocheeDark foliage, blue flowers with crimson centres, partial shade neutral to acid soil. Choice but choosy.
Pieris Little HeathDwarf variegated pieris, nice in a terracotta pot.
Polygonatumx hybridumSoloman’s seal, arching stems with pendulous white flowers making a fairly weed-proof swathe. Sun or shade.
Pulmonariaangustifolia   Bright blue flowered lungwort.
Rosmarimus  officinalisBlue RainProstrate
RosmarinusofficinalisArpUpright and robust
Rosmarinusofficinalis Rosemary
Rudbeckiafulgidavar. deamiiReliable black-eyed Susan, can cope with prairie planting
SalviapatensCambridge BlueLovely colour, don’t forget to take it in before the first frosts.
SalviaofficinalisPurpurescensSage with purple red leaves. purple flowers.
SaponariaofficinalisSoapwort, stems and especially roots produce a mild detergent.
SarcococcaconfusaSmall glossy leaved shrub with heavily scented white flowers in winter, black berries.
SaxifragapaniculataEncrusted type with cream flowers. in flattened sprays.
SaxifragaFrecklesWhite flowers with evenly spaced red dots, charming.
SaxifragaEstherMore pointed leaves and darker red bits in the white flowers.
SaxifragaWinifred BevingtonCompact mats of red edged green leaves and white flowers flushed pink
SaxifragalongifoliaThe leaves are….. (white flowers)
SaxifragaSouthside Seedling GroupBold silver foliage, white flowers spotted red.
SedumpachycladosA succulent that just loves to coat the sides of pots.
SedumspathulifoliumCape BlancoBlue green fleshy foliage, yellow flower heads.
Sedumspurium Ruby MantleDark red-green foliage and flowers
SempervivumarachnoideumCobweb houseleek
SempervivumSir William Lawrence
SempervivumBlue Boy
Sempervivum Mondstein
ThymusvulgarisEnglish winterNeat form of common thyme.
ThymuspulegioidesBertram AndersonCompact habit, forms mats of reliably bright foliage.
ThymuscamphoratusCamphor thyme
Thymusherba-baronaCaraway thyme
ThymusserpyllumSnow Carpet
Thymus vulgarisFredoCompact form of common thyme
ValerianaphuAureaUmbellifer with luminous yellow new leaves.
VeronicaprostrataSpode BlueSpode Blue’ is a prostrate perennial 10cm tall, forming a mat of narrow, semi-evergreen leaves and erect racemes of small blue flowers in early summer
VincaminorAzurea Flore PlenoSemi-double blue lesser periwinkle
ViolacornutaLow growing spreading perennial, mauve scented flowers have strap-like petals
ViolaodorataSweet violet
Waldsteiniaternata Yellow flowered ground cover.

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