where do all the pots go?

These days, we mainly use thermoformed pots. They are economical on plastic and surprisingly durable. They get reused once or maybe twice after a washing which is more fun in summer than in winter. Although all are capable of being recycled, only the grey, blue […]

garden whispers 03 sibrydion gardd

Coppicing willows One of my favourite contrasts is between a fan of upright orange willow shoots and the still flat surface of water on a winter morning. To see the view next winter, hurry on to do some instant pruning.  Many willows and dogwoods respond […]

plants available week 20/21

For numbers, follow this link Summary below: Genus species other name description Acaena inermis Purpurea Prostrate purple leaves and white burrs. Achillea millifolium Cassis Cherry-red flattened flower heads loved by bees. Late summer 60cm good drainage. Aegopodium podagraria Variegatum Variegated ground elder; pretty but determined. […]

garden whispers • 01 • sibrydion gardd

Sow soon, so slow, so so-so The lambs are leaping and you’re raring to get started sowing seeds for vegetables and flowers. Whoa there a moment! Seeds have an optimum temperature for germination. If the temperature is lower, they may still germinate but erratically and […]

market stall……

Tan-y-Llyn Nurseries and Grace Crabb and Company will be back at Machynlleth Market in December. In the meantime, we would be delighted to deliver plants and flowers locally or by mail and carrier. For beautiful bouquets, wreaths and kokedamas link to https://crabbandcompany.co.uk

plants for sale w33/20

Acaena microphylla a FALSE FALSE Prostrate; copper brown pinnate leaves, bright red burs. Acaena inermis Purpurea a FALSE FALSE Prostrate purple leaves and white burrs. Achillea millifolium Cassis p TRUE FALSE Cherry-red Achillea  millefolium Salmon Beauty p TRUE FALSE Flat heads of salmon pink flowers […]

mulching rocks

Mulches are great for little plants as well as large ones – they make it (a bit) less likely that the collar will rot and it’s much easier to weed. Most grit you buy is a mixture of sizes, single sized grit is more effective […]